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132 miles of skating for Feb 2019. 100% on quads with the new boots.

SO MUCH RAIN! I have been skating in wet conditions thanks to all of the urethane in contact with the road surface using the quads. Also my quads seem to be less sensitive to all of the twigs blown down by passing storms than my blades.

I would have about half the mileage had I not purchased the new boots - so much more control than the old ones AND the carbon soles don't care about getting wet like my old leather soled quad shoes.

I am still commuting by bike when the weather is really bad, and also use my bike to transport the skates do distant parks. However, I do not record those miles. It's laziness. And no one wants to see five bike trips 1-2 miles each every day running errands. Or my commute 4 miles each way.

Last year at this time I was working on 46 days of skating in a row with only 2 washouts. This year I am lucky to string 2 sessions together back to back. Terrible.

The only real bright side is the new quad shoes are wonderful and have vastly extended the types of weather I can safely commute or hit some of the better parks with wet surfaces.
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