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Originally Posted by Posey View Post
Given that theres so much advice here, I'll try what youre suggesting and test out some different ones over 2 week periods. Worth trying at any rate!
Things you want to track:
  • Soreness the next day.
  • Energy level the next day/ability to work out 2 days in a row.
  • General feel two days later.
  • Ability to get to sleep that night.
  • Quality of sleep (you can get an app on your phone that uses the accelerometer to track how much you move around at night, or you can just rate how tired you are/how hard it is to convince yourself to get out of bed).
  • Any nausea, upset stomachs, problems swallowing, etc.
  • Level of hunger.
  • Any cravings - this is your body telling you that your need some nutrient.

There are other things which will help you dial in on your exact needs, but these points should be more than enough to get a general idea if an approach is working.

As for staying hydrated, the standard check is urine color. Unfortunately this doesn't tell you anything until a couple of hours too late. It also doesn't work as well if you have unabsorbed B vitamins. Headaches and skin that doesn't snap back when pinched are more indicative and real-time, but only happen when you already have a more serious problem. Overhydrating (and, more severely, water poisoning) is also a problem, but I've never had to deal with it, so I don't know much about it.
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