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No, it's not a lack of conditioning... Everyone is different. Weather, genetics, you name it, it all causes different reactions to physical stress. I put a scoop of Warrior Blend protein in coconut water and I get everything I want. But it isn't too pricey here in the states. I had to experiment a lot. Whey made my stomach upset for example. If it's crazy hot and I go for a 20 mile skate I will need a Cliff Shot in cold water. It has sugar and electrolytes and I need it. You can literally feel the difference immediately. But that's in the heat of the summer only. Your timing is a tough one, that would be hard on me too. I like to be done and showered by 8:00 at the latest. Watermelon is awesome, as suggested! Try it at night and in the morning, it might shake out those cobwebs. Eat something before bed too, light but with protein. I track my diet periodically to see what I'm getting. I don't get crazy and do it all the time, but a few weeks here and there. It is quite an eye opener. Derby is sprint work and kettle bells are strength work... Try for 1.5g protein per lb. of body weight or a little more... I was anti-engineered nutrition for a long time, now I employ it all the time I just don't substitute it for real nutrition. I eat 165g protein when I'm lifting and that's just not easy to get. I think Eric Heiden's book is great, I'd suggest you check it out, it's a quick read and great on the basics. Good luck! Sounds like you are doing great stuff!
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