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Default Tacoma Armory Invitational / NSC Tryouts (WA State)

Originally Posted by NSC Facebook Page
On Nov 22nd and 23rd the NSC is hosting an open USARS invitational for all ages and divisions at the Tacoma Armory in Tacoma Washington.

Here is the link to register

We are also hosting NSC tryouts for both men and women which will happen as one of the divisions of the invitational. To top things off the Season Finale will be on Nov 21st so everyone who comes to compete will get to watch the Season 5 Finale of the NSC.

When we scheduled this meet we set a goal of running a competition that would be super fun for all the skaters. We wanted to run the USARS invitational with the same flair that we have at the NSC events. Also, because we are not at a skating rink we don't have to schedule around the public skating sessions so the meet will happen throughout the day with the first day of finals on Sat night. Promotions will go out to the public to watch amateur racing on Sat night. Sat night will be ran very similar to how we run our NSC events. We will have all the lights, the music, the beer garden, Emerald Cove Catering Company will be there the entire weekend with awesome food for all the skaters.

This is a great opportunity to promote our sport as a whole from both the professional and amateur side. If you are looking for a better excuse to come to this meet other than the awesome racing the city of Tacoma is great for tourists. It's a beautiful city located on the Puget Sound. Click link for more info The Hotels are walking distance from the Armory and walking distance to all the restaurants and bars. With that being said you still might want to consider renting a car in case it rains. We are working on obtaining cheaper rates through the hotels for all the skaters. Once that happens we will post the links to book rooms.

If you have any questions on the competition feel free to email either Miguel Jose or Robin Pfander Registration will be available online in the next few weeks at
If you've ever been to the Armory, it's a neat venue. Great for hosting a wider audience event like this.
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