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Originally Posted by dayglodivine View Post
I could be wrong, but I don't think that's a stock DynaPro truck. I have a spare truck that came off a 265 Wicked, and it's unpolished.

I've never seen a DynaPro truck break, but I have seen it happen to a Torq truck, and they're very similar. In that case, the skater was probably around 200# and had never done any kind of truck adjustment. Other than that, I haven't seen any similar problems, and I'm guessing that at least a third of the skaters I know are on those plates.
Yes, you're wrong, the Dynapro trucks are polished, unpolished ones come on the nylon powerdyne plates....
Reactor is the sh**t, great knockoff of the famed Prolines, can't come up with a better knockoff, I have skated on them for going on 3 years, before they were released and I am having a hard time finding a replacement to it for what I use them for...
I will be interested to see what the new Triton is all about; although I have a feeling it will be derby "hype", Riedell has cashed in very well on the derby craze without really ante-ing up a really amazing "derby" product. I have a feeling it will be a glorified Dynapro plate.
I'm sorry, but I am amazed at how many girls have bought into the wicked package! It is heavy as a rock and ugly to boot.
Their new boot, looks crazy as well, can't wait to get my hands on a set of those to and put it to the test.
So far the only product other than their older boots I'm impressed with is the Reactor....
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