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Actually felt really "phat" about the past week. Did 108 miles over 6 outings in 7 days averaging 14.5mph. This week I'm going to try 104 miles in 4 trips.
Most recently:
Aug 12, Saturday: Suncoast Parkway Trail, me, Napalm, Jess & John (her 88's, me 5x80)
Jessica and John J did 44, Nay and I took 1/2 the trip. The only way I can keep up with those two is if I break their kneecaps or let them wear themselves out before I start. Napalm at least seems to be able to keep them in view, I usually have to take a cab home. This time as follows.
25 miles in 1:44:49 for an average mile of 4:12, average speed 14.3mph, max speed 26.7mph. Best mile 3:32 @ 17mph, worst mile 4:45 (x2) @ 12.6mph. 7 miles in 28:46, marathon in 55:14, 7 sub 4's. Average HR 156/max 176.
We both felt good enough about this excursion to try it again the 26th and see if we can do the whole 44 with them. Assuming we pull that one off we're signing ourselves on for their 66 mile Labor Day weekend event. JB
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