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jibs, way to go. Clocked in exactly 100 last week myself.

Here's what I've been up to in the interim:
July 27th I went out with Gless and knocked out a nice 21 miler on the roads in about 1:05. I had exactly 1:08 on the watch, but there was a little down time while he was catching up. We agreed that it was about 3-4 minutes. He was biking and most of the time I was off the front or beside him.
July 30th In SC, 6 mile skate 20 minute run. (rain)
July 31st 15 miles
August 2 25 miles. One nice run pacing near a bike, not drafting, guessing we were averaging 24-25 for that little stretch. Another cyclist told me I was amazing. It made me feel good because he meant it.
August 6th Back home from vaykay, 22.5 miles with gless-felt like crap, fell on Ewell Gibbons breakfast.
August 8th 13 mile skate, with one solid 3 mile run followed by 38 mile ride that beat me up pretty good.
August 9th 10 mile tempo run with the indoor crowd, I was beat, but managed to take it to them.
That brings us up to the start of the new forum.
August 12th 55 on roads 3:23
August 13th 90 min indoor
August 14th off
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