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Originally Posted by LezSk8 View Post
Jon B., I'm also skating on 5x80's now. After the Jax-Baldwin skate on 5x90's I switched the the lighter Bont Vaypor boot and 80's for Buttars half marathon and plan to skate them next Sunday at Ft. DeSoto's 10K. The light setup and quick acceleration suit my summer-time taste to a tee. I'll start working on the 84's and 90's for the Fall after Sunday.KenLezSk8 Central Florida!
Funny thing is Ken, I would have never figured the 5x80's to be a viable option. Wouldn't have been adverse to playing with them, but never imagined they would become my primary choice. I'm going to stick with them until after A2A but I'll probably make it back to 100's by the springtime. We shall see. Jury is still out about us at Fort Desoto. I've got the time off and would love to go, but one of my sons is coming to visit and I think Sunday is the day he scheduled for us. I'm hoping maybe he'll decide to come later in the day so we can do Desoto in the morning and catch him in the afternoon. Fort Desoto last year was the first "sanctioned" event Napalm and I ever did and it would be nice to see the improvement in our times over the same race. Jon.
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