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I started skating intervals one day a week. The rest of the time I had to cut back on the usual hour and a half because I found a skating partner. Well, she rides a bike and I am on skates. I now skate faster so I only go one hour and then cool down for fifteen minutes. Not really sure what my heart rate is but all I know is it has got to be up there. I feel fine though and now I don't like to wear a heart rate monitor but just go out and go. The days I don't go out with my skating partner I go skating in the morning and just skate easy with lots of drills. Amazingly enough I think I have got the double push down and use it all the time while chasing my friend on the bike. I don't know but I think alot has to do with the skate boot and frame because after drilling for a few days it just seems like how to skate. I'm not sure if I even remember how to skate the classic style.
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