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DM, A2A is my birthday, and all distancers are welcome to the party afterwards

OI - I bet that 22 miles was fast, especially with those monsters you're rolling on.

Jon B. and Buzz - thanks for the kind words, but you both did just as well as I did. I was just lucky to not have any major foot or other malfunctions that day.

September 3

I was supposed to take today off, but my friend Stella called me and asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. Not a bad idea I think since I'm doing a tri next Saturday and I haven't dipped a toe in the water since the last tri nearly a month ago. This was my first time in this particular pool, and I'm embarrassed to say I did the newbie headbutt to the wall on my first lap. I was looking for the black cross on the wall that wasn't there. Oops. I still remember what 2 + 2 is though so I think I'm ok.

Tomorrow - Busch Gardens along with the thousands of other sweaty people on their day off. Sounds like fun right?
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