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Sep 4, Monday: Withlacoochee Trail, me & Napalm
No real run. The objective was to learn how to "T"-stop, me, not Nay. She's got it down cold. I have got to be able to do "Suicide" hill without a road guard, and today was lesson one. Of course we did break out a little for some bicycle chasing and interval sprints, but I did get the hang of it, at least with my left foot, and partially with my right. I will continue to work on it. Did about 17 miles, no Garmin, no HR, just enjoyed ourselves - at least until the confrontation with the Ranger Rick at the state forest entrance. I did manage to avoid a ticket, but it was close. Lost control a little and had to turn the deliberations over to my chief negotiator. All in all, a nice little run. JB
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