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Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
... oh you mean race proven right? Maybe an endorsement from Frankie Andreu....
Frankie is a person I respect. The quote from Frankie on my web site is not an endorsement of the product but simply a comment he was willing to make for my web site after I skated with him while he road his bicycle. Frankie thought the product looked cool but he never tried it. Frankie is a bicycle racer so I don't think he has ever tried speed skating but he did finish the tour de france nine times and that is worth some respect.

In terms of race proven, that comment goes back to a discussion of a wheel brand from a few years ago where I made the point about the product hype being out of level with the race success. At the time there was lots of hype around the ultra light wheels and I made the point that if the ultra light thin urathane wheel concept was a good idea we would see pro skate racers using the wheels aka "race proven" (foot meet mouth). After two years of wheels we have seen the ultra light and ultra thin wheels. Some people like these thin light wheels. I regret the comment about the wheels and know that many people enjoy these super light wheels while at the same time many people including many top pros like wheels with more meat on them.

In terms of "race proven", with the brake system, I placed top ten in most of the pro skate races that I did in 2005 season. My wife placed top three in many pro skate races in the more distant past (Kendra Hudson, 2nd place at A2A and 3rd place at NYC 100k). We did not race last year due to some issues that I had that prevented me from racing at my level including a knee surgery. In 2007, I plan to race a couple of events with the hope of a top ten placement in a few events. As with wheels, some people will like the brake system and some people will not like them.

Personally, I like a brake system especially when I get a set of the $15.00 per wheels.
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