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Default Quad Skills Progression

First post after (finally) getting my account approved. My question deals with skill progressions in skating.

I took up quad skating recently and have the good fortune of having a rink relatively nearby. I just bought a pair of Reidell R3s (w/ hybrid wheels) since they seem to be regarded as a decent starter skate. My only other experience is with inlines but that was more than a decade ago and nothing more fancy than straightaways, wide turns, and heel stops.

I was moderately proud of the fact that I didn't have to do the "wall crawl" my first time out but there was one bad fall (equal parts embarrassment and physical pain) and more than a few arm-waving moments when I lost my balance - particularly if my skates touched.

I'm still light years from being like the veterans who move around like they're not even on skates but I can now get around the rink without falling/losing my balance unless a person falls/cuts in front of me or otherwise catches me off guard, I'm trying something new, or I'm tired.

I can do crossovers on turns and skate on one foot for short periods of time. I can T-stop fairly smoothly if I'm given time (i.e. I have to think about it). But my movement is still limited to push, push (lifting foot), coast, push, crossover, crossover,...repeat. And when I follow a competent skater I feel like I'm laboring to keep up while they seem to move without trying.

I'm working to get to the level where I can do some of what the other skaters can do - glide effortlessly, backwards, hockey stops, seemingly never lift their feet, and generally move around like they're not even on skates.

My problem is that I don't know what should be next for me. Backwards? Hockey stop? Mohawk turn? Spins? Triple Lutz? (kidding on those last two) Maybe I'm being too anal retentive but it seems to be that there must be a generally accepted you-should-know-this-before-you-try-this path of progression. What I mean is, I don't want to jump straight from 2+2=4 to Calculus. Can someone suggest a progression of skills to learn? I have yet to see one online.
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