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Default usual progression in a rink environment.

Forwards /w crossovers and a proficient stop. Ccw direction
Backwards /w crossovers in the cw direction.
Transitions from forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards in the straights.
Forward skating with crossovers in the cw direction.
Backwards skating with crossovers in the ccw direction
Transitions from forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards while in a turn either cw or ccw direction.

That covers basics. While thats a small list theres a lot of skills to learn that I didnt highlight. Maybe I'll edit some details in later.

Forwards Inside and outside edging.
CRAZY 8/scissors: Doing a figure 8 pattern with your skates traveling in a straight line. Then stepping up to figure 8's. You will want to push and pull your legs in/out during this exercise. Learning this skill is extremely important. It carrys over into virtually every aspect of skating other than gliding straight. During the inward motion drawing your feet back together youll be standing with more weight on the inside edges (your arches), and pulling your toes toward each other. During the outward motion you'll transfer your weight toward the outside edges(blades of your feet) and push your toes away from each other just to snap them back inward and repeat.

Modifications- you can choose to keep your feet side by side or criss cross(which a little more difficult) them during this skill. Just start by putting say the left foot in front first and the right foot behind. When you bring your feet together the next time alternate your cross to right foot in front left foot behind. Your torso should remain centered between your feet as you cross them, but you can mix it up and start learning to have oddball body positioning doing this drill. You never know when you will be needing the extra balance. You should also be able to accelerate and slow down with this drill at any time.

Forwards front/rear axle control.
Heel/toe(riding a single axle on each foot) tricks can be very easy, or very hard. It all depends on the distance you separate your legs infront of and behind you, with your torso centered between your axle spread. The smaller the gap getween your axles the harder it will become. When one can get their feet close to side by side its time to try single axle one foot balance. You can really stretch out this way too if you got plugs and a forward mount, or inlines. They call it "hawking" in inline speed skating.

Slalom like a skier does on downhill runs after you got edges and rolling up on your heels and toes under control. Since slaloming left and right requires a little edging and axle control as you will be shifting your weight alot its good to have those 2 as a prerequisite if you will.
Try the above mentioned skills backwards once you have them down forwards.
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