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Originally Posted by 40SumTing View Post
I can do crossovers on turns and skate on one foot for short periods of time. I can T-stop fairly smoothly if I'm given time (i.e. I have to think about it). But my movement is still limited to push, push (lifting foot), coast, push, crossover, crossover,...repeat. And when I follow a competent skater I feel like I'm laboring to keep up while they seem to move without trying.

Well, you are not wrong there. When you muscles get trained up, it is pretty effortless. And very cool when you reach that point.

My problem is that I don't know what should be next for me. Backwards? Hockey stop? Mohawk turn? Spins? Triple Lutz? (kidding on those last two) Maybe I'm being too anal retentive but it seems to be that there must be a generally accepted you-should-know-this-before-you-try-this path of progression. What I mean is, I don't want to jump straight from 2+2=4 to Calculus. Can someone suggest a progression of skills to learn? I have yet to see one online.
There are a lots of ways you could go. Your direction is largely a personal choice: What interests you?

An odd and not hard little thing you can mess with is spins. You do this heel and toe. One foot on the heel, one foot on the toe. The heel pushes forward, the toe sweeps around. Now, obviously, you won't spin right away. You will likely get only a tiny bit of rotation. Don't worry about it. But just keep practicing it every time you skate. You'll get better little by little. This skill will feed into other skills down the line. I won't even tell you what. It will click down the line when it clicks. When you feel a bit comfortable with it, take a stride, be MOVING, and take that little energy and put it into a spin. (the beginnings of a spin stop??? )

A word of caution: don't try to progress too fast, and be very wary of slow or no speed falls. They are often worse than moving falls. They are straight up and down and are a big temptation to put a hand down, or hit your tailbone or head. Take it easy, build some skill, and this will apply to stuff later, whatever direction you choose to take.
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