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Default Progress Thus Far

Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
The Progression

1>Forwards with confidence (just before UnderPush Learning)
I think I've got this one down.

2>Fast Forwards (Don't really care how you do the corners)
Got this one too. Plus I can turn & stop comfortably.

3>Crossovers Phase 1 (Underpushes more accurately) 'Armadillo'
I've got the crossovers on turns - not 100% sure what the underpush is and googling points mainly to inlining. Assume it's pushing with the leg that isn't crossing over. If so, I can do that minimally.

4>Backwards minimally (you can't do it right yet, yet you are starting
Very minimally. I can do scissors but I'm really struggling with lifting my foot and pushing UNLESS I do the marching thing and I'm NOT doing that at the rink...feels so lame. I do work on it at home.

5>A Mohawk try (Transitions in Derby terms)
I've been playing with this off/on for a week or so. I can't get a good 180 deg alignment on my skates. Add to (or because of that) I can't put my weight down on the turned foot so it ends up being a stabilizer as the dominant foot turns/slides around (looks sloppy)

5.1. OK you can do a jump turn, yet not correct
No jumping.
I think my backwards problem is that my muscles are geared toward the push back when I'm going forward. So brain is trying to fight muscle memory as I go backward - BRAIN: Push forward! LEGS: No, I must push back!

I've tabled the spin thing until I can go backwards comfortably. For me, that seems like an advanced move that I just don't have the stability to do yet.
If I'm not falling, I'm not trying.
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