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Originally Posted by 40SumTing View Post
Funny. Check out these two videos:

Notice the girl in the first one says to walk while the second one very explicitly says, "Don't walk." And both of these two are accomplished skaters. I've tried the marching technique Candice shows and it does work. I just feel like a spazmoid when I do it. I think I'll try the walking backward approach just to see how it feels (i.e. less spazmoidal).
The words are different, but the motions are essentially the same.

The tight small step marching is good because you go back, but don't pick up a lot of speed. The motion is too low powered. This lets you spend time going backward without freaking out over speed. The 2nd vid near the end show the more powerful push. It is a lean/push/step back-side motion. It will produce more power and speed. You could do that motion for a couple of strides, and when you reach an uncomfortable speed, straddle your feet and coast until you slow down. Specifically, straddle left foot front, right back, and then twist and look over your right shoulder to see where you are going.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Ya know, backpeddeling im good at it! (Ask rufus! just Jones'n with ya bro)
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