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Originally Posted by TimeZone3 View Post
Hey Joey,
I usually remember to post my monthlies in the GPS thread, but don't often remember to come in here...

Hope you're healing up well. Earlier in the season, I had an equipment malfunction and took a spill, landing with my arm crushed up against my chest. That hurt like heck, and did a number on my ribs for a few weeks too. No fun!

I think I've complained in here before that my new skates (Seba Trix2 90) seem slower than my old skates (K2 Mod 8)....

Thanks for checking in! Yeah, I am recovered from my latest belly-flop but now have a head/chest cold just in time for good weather. Been mostly out of action for 5 days now.

Hope you get the new skates figured out.

Originally Posted by theDonnybrook View Post
... Finished off the marathon season with the NorthShore Inline Marathon. ...Finished in 1:26.07, officially. Top 5 in my age group and top 50 overall out of over 1000 skaters.
Nice work!

Man, I gotta wonder if there are 1000 skaters in the entire USofA who race outdoors any more. Except for Roller Derby girls working out there are only a handful of skaters of any type or age in New Orleans. I would love to just SEE 1000 skaters. Or even 100.

Cheers All!
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