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Originally Posted by Vadn1 View Post
What brand and model of GPS did you choose?

I have the non-watch version of this GPS from two years ago with a lot less features (that I won't use anyway). What made me pull the trigger on a new GPS is the "watch" feature for starters. The big difference is this watch over my last mini-gps is this one has GPS and Excelerometer features. With just satellite triangulation, you go under some trees, in a canyon, or urban skyscraper environment, the GPS tends to become either very inaccurate or downright berserk. If I forgot to pause the GPS before entering a structure (like a bathroom in the park) I could count on a Jackson Pollock masterpiece on the route map generated by STRAVA.

I am kinda over the whole GPS thing really, but I work at a bike shop where I have to sell these things (easy) and then be a tech weenie for those people who can't learn from an instruction booklet (more difficult). Therefore, I have to actually USE the latest, greatest toys. This is not as glamorous as it sounds, trust me.
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