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Smile Slalom

While we don't have figures on inlines, I've been quite intrigued with the slalom skating as a replacement. It is an excellent tool for developing footwork and the kids love it. I do know that Carlessa uses figure circles when she teaches inlines. It might not be as pretty as ice or quads, but it is another skill development tool.


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Yes, I do think the ice skaters "crossing over" (or doing both) are probably the best bet to keep inline alive. What few quad freestylists are left, seem to be staying with quad (with a few exceptions). And figures (patch) seem pretty near impossible with inline (at least in the traditional sense.) I do think inline is good for dance/freedance (creative solo), but would need more interest (and competitions) for quad skaters to become interested....

You are definitely right about the $. At the end of the day it all boils down to the cost of rink, lights etc. Unless you have a lot of interest (a big club to split up the fee), the expense is ridiculous. Also, it seems the roller rinks are a lot more worried about the liability than they used to be. Don't skate like THAT, you might get HURT!!!!

Like I said above, I'm glad these ice skaters are at least generating some interest in artistic inline. (Even if the toe rake is a bit funny. )
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