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Default Ditto

They were wearing these very skates when they took me to the rink in or about 1973. I am here on this forum perhaps only because of these very old and delapadated skates from brands that any of us would consider cheap junk today.

This thread really touches my heart.
Ditto Greentuckian,

My first skates were found in our garage as a kid. My dad's that were many sizes too big. I just made sure I laced them really tight. They did not have urethane wheels. I think they were some kind of wood. I skated on these until my feet stopped growing and was bought new skates. I could do tight little cross-overs on them on our small backyard patio and fly downhill in a hallway at the school across the street. I wish I still had them now for rememberance sake. They are more precious to me for their wonderful memories than any expensive skate I could buy today.
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