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I've watched some videos of outdoor skaters, and I'll man up. I was wrong. Skaters spend more time on one foot than I realized. However, I still want to clear up some points.

I meant the shoulder width as a minimum base. Obviously when you push to the side, the base increases. That only enhances my point about the extra few inches on quads not adding much stability.

While you may be on one foot, your weight is offset. You are essentially in a very slow controlled fall on to your other foot. In the case that something jolts you or puts you off balance, you fall on to that other foot, and you have a nice wide base until you are comfortable striding again. Since the size of the base only comes in to play in moments of instability, the point stands. When you are off balance, you have a stance at least as wide as your shoulders, so the extra couple of inches quads will give you mean very little. The extra inches front to back do mean something. When you are recovering from an off balance moment, inlines give you a bigger base.
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