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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Ouch. I'm curious, what sort of PT do you do for sore heal?
Hurt my heel pushing a skateboard that was too high for too many miles and too many days. Then kept doing it for a couple months after it was injured. It was Spring and the weather was perfect so I kept on. Tried to heal it myself for several months but failed. Always went away with care in the past. Not this time. Getting old.

Plantar Fasciitis PT:

1. 15 minute foot Jacuzzi. Foot submerged with hot water jet directed at arch and heel.

2. Deep tissue massage of calf, ankle, heel, and arch. HURTS!

3. Dry needles in heel with mild electric current. Feels pretty good. Like someone gently hammering the bottom of my heel.

4. Four different calf and arch stretching exercises on machines and trampoline.

5. 20 minutes of ice.

Here are a couple of photos:

If you have any miracle cures, let me know!

Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Job search would crimp anyone's style. Are you currently working?
Yes, I have a job currently. Needing a change. Something with benefits. My heath insurance premiums are outrageous and my deductible is high.
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