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Got floored, eh? Which one got you? The wide asphalt mounds are pretty skate-friendly, so you must have hit a rubber/plastic hump or rows of pavement buttons/ Botts dots.

Or was it the dreaded of all skating obstacles, the Yellow Bumps of Death? AKA, Surface Indicators or Truncated Domes. They warn blind people of a drop off or a street crossing. The intention is good, but the design sucks. They are a tripping hazard. Yet they keep getting installed. Stop the madness! Re-design now! At least shorten the width of the Death Bumps so people can step or jump over them.

The Death Bumps usually stops skate wheels cold, but one time I was able to cross a patch by plowing through it at high speed and leaning way back. I made it, but just barely. Trying to walk your skates through is even more scary. Itís easier and safer to jump the curb and go around them.
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