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Training in silence, mostly. I have been too busy with work and kids to get on line much this season. Finished off the marathon season with the NorthShore Inline Marathon. Good result for me as I didn't anticipate being able to stick with the pack to nearly the end of the race. Weather conditions were favorable for me in that it was wet and the really fast guys couldn't break away and stay away. Finished in 1:26.07, officially. Top 5 in my age group and top 50 overall out of over 1000 skaters. Felt good to really mix it up in a large pack for such a long skate. Felt like skating at the World Champs, or as close to it as I will ever get. Working on designing my off-season right now, though. I see lots of weights and power work in my future. I set a goal to dead lift 400 by the time I turn 40, which is just over 4 years. My current 5 rep PR is 250, and my maintenance lifting has me pulling 235ish. I have a way to go, but it is very doable. I want to be squatting in the 300s by then, and my present 5 rep squat PR is 200. I weigh about 175, for reference. Going to be working Olympic lifts for power, too, so hope to see clean numbers around 225 in the next 4 years, also, at a minimum. Should be a fun off season.
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