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Mark, good to hear all went well for you this morning!
Did the big dogs from down south show up? Who all is racing in Standard div,?
Thanks in advance. May drop in tomorrow...
Okay, to stay on topic: 27 miles outdoor as follows: first 15 miles with Pete, teammate of Team Stooges, he led out on bike (fixed gear too cool for words), and we worked on the first five second response to a break-away. Repeat many times. Back at parking lot, i headed out again for last 12 alone, working on nothing in particular. Will skate tomorrow with teammates, schedules permitting.

Point of drill was to explore what works at 'jumping on the break away'. Lesson learned that it's mostly digging a little deeper on the underpush and reacting quickly is the key. Also, need to get a bit more comfortable with the high end of the top end speeds so as to bridge the gap in those crucial first seconds. Like my training partners are want to say, twenty-six miles and a race is lost in a second.
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