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Default Battle at Bear Creek 2015

Party day is drawing near. Grassroots skating event for both inline and quads on the west side of Houston, Texas. Fitness and recreational level to quad and derby style to USA World Team athletes. Raffle and sale monies raised to CAP, a local animal shelter. This year 100m skater versus cyclist both female and male. When was the last time you saw this head-to-head event? Costume skate, ugly skinsuit contest, kids races, and much more. New timing company this year with the modern tech results, but still the same mat-less finish with no cracks or tar snakes on smooth asphalt. LOTS of prizes.

Quad events include:
Quads Only 300m, 1200m, AND 2400m
Quads Half marathon 13.1 miles/21k
These are separate events but if you enter both you may skate both.

Website -

Facebook for the latest inforomation -

This year's sponsors:
Bont/Skate Life
Asphalt Beach
DoMore Race Services

Sunday will be have Sunday Streets in Houston for an urban skate/ride along closed off roads.

Our beneficiary -

Two international airports, thousands of hotels, no excuses to miss the event.

~Renee Coffman
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Skating nomad
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