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Thanks for your concern, I know the local cycling infrastructure very well as I use it often. Its open to any non motorised means of getting about so that's people on foot, on bicycles and on horses.

All users are expected to show respect to one and other and its not a place to ride fast, and you have to be prepared to stop occasionally as you can easily come round a corner and find a group of parents with prams and buggies, some horses or people walking dogs.

If I'm heading out to put 60+ miles on the clock not a lot of it will be on cycle paths as its hard to get your average speed up to a level where you can do that in a reasonable time.

Occasionally there are idiots chasing their personal best on a Strava segment but they are every bit as unacceptable as the people with loose uncontrolled dogs and the joggers plugged into their iPods who don't hear your bell or you calling out that that you are passing them on their left and veer across your path.
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