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Smile Greetings! :)

Greetings from California!

I'm new! So, I'd thought I'll leave a short intro.

I've rollerskated recreationally back in the days when I was just a kiddo... probably after watching Brink! on Disney channel. Then, stopped as a teen to take up "cooler" skateboarding. Little did I know that I was still the same dorky kid... Anways, about three weeks ago, I stumbled onto my old beat-up K2 Softboots at my mom's house. So after ten year hiatus... I'm back rollerskating again! I can't believe I ever stopped

I did some research on this site and have since upgraded my skates to Seba FR2 80. And currently I'm learning front crossover. My goal for the end of this year is to learn how to do a backward crossover...

Excited to be here!
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