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Old thread I know, But I just came across a similar problem when I came to change the Plates on a pair of Suregrip Rebel Avengers.

I looks like Suregrip in their wisdom have actually nipped the end of each bolt to stop the nut from coming off accidentally, but which also makes it a right pain to take them off to change boot or plate.

As above I think I will have to take a die grinder to the end of the bolts to remove the "nip" and allow me to get the nut past the last thread.
either that or a long job with a file.

Good to know the boot fixing arent going to loose their nuts in a hurry, not so good for a 5 minute job to swap some plates over!

Maybe I'll swap them out for allen heads as Armadillo suggests, for the refit, might make life easier to tighten the fronts.
Are you using countersunk or button head screws Armadillo?
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