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Default Way too long Introduction...

Hello everybody,
To start, an introduction...
My name is Rik De Blick, born 1982 in Antwerp, Belgium so an almost old man by now... well almost 35 so a nice age at least... hahaha... 1982 means I'm kinda the "first generation" of inline skaters... the days before the internet existed, we just got out of school, jumped in our skates and got home when it got dark... we had no half pipes and stuff (I didn't grow up in a city) we had a basketballfield and either bauers or ultrawheels... i had ultrawheels to start, and bought a pair of 2nd hands K2 fatty from a close friend... around that time girls began to become more interresting then skates, so I threw them in the closet, thinking they would never ever come out...In 2007 I became father of our oldest daughter Femke, and in 2009 Kyra got born... and last summer they popped the question... can we have rollerskates???
Thinking they would fall one time and throw them in the trash, we went to a 2nd handstore to buy them their first rollerskates... we went to a local club and registered for a the end of the year they still loved it, and asked me to come with... they got new skates and I grabbed my K2 fatty s out of the closet... man... I missed those things on my feet!! The good thing... I still got it... so the first time I put them back on again all plastic straps broke off and I taped them with ducktape... trainer told me the brand he loves to work with is powerslide, so I bought a pair of powerslide reign II on skatepro,unfortunately I bought them too big in size so I sold them, and since this sunday... woot woot powerslide megacruizer 125mm (white and blue) and to be honest... I love them! Can't wait to go outdoor and speed up! Do bigger tours, learn a bit more freestyle and learn from all of you! This kinda was my introduction, I really hope to learn a lot here!
Have a nice day/night all!
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