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I know this is a month old but.....

Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Well my only question would be can you get them in a 195mm axle-to-axle?

You can get 7 9/16" (192mm) and 7 7/8" (200mm)....but why would he? He only wears a size 11. I wear a size 11 and I have a 6 7/8" (~175mm) wheelbase and could go shorter. Unfortunately the next size down is too short.

They may be on the stiff side, but they look plenty strong, and you can't beat the adjustable pivots!

I have skated aluminum and, currently, magnesium Marathons. They are stiff, but not too much vibration at all on rough pavement. If you put softer cushions in them they'll soak up most of the vibration. And yes, they are a good solid plate and the adjustable pivots are very nice to have.

A powerful bolt-on heel stop would also likely work on those trucks.

Heel stop??? We don't need no stinkin heel stop. That would kinda defeat the purpose of getting a NTS plate

I can't speak highly enough of the Marathons. They are a great solid plate, great action (stable, but they'll turn when and where you tell them too), adjustable pivots, NTS, light weight, and usually can be had for a pretty decent price.
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