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i tested the radar flyer, velocity race,zombie hawgs...and i found a repro of my favorite wheel.
the new krypto design ...not like the habitual route old model...a little bit harder...but by far faster and better than everything i tested last years.

personnaly... i consider this wheel as the better one i tested ...its a 82 a wheel but it's like i that. 82 is faster than 78
i build a pair of quad skate for a girl with risport laser boots...bones redz...and 70mm krypto hawaii k...wheel i tried too...she said me it's so fast ...

65 mm cruise 78a
65 mm new route 82a
70mm hawaii k 78a same as 70mm cruise 78a
70mm new route 82a

this is what i suggest to someone depends of weight of the person and if he can push biggers wheels.

i doubt about the suality of the venice wheel...
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