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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Just where did you get this insider info on the process by which the design of the Avenger plate evolved? In terms of the plate's action geometry, its high degree of turning response performance is essentially the same as all the other DA45 plates of Sure Grip. In other ways like deck height, weight, shape, structural atributes, toe stop location, etc. it may be slightly different. However, the DA45 way it skates is nothing new. The DA 45 concept has been around for a long time.

The mushrooming market for derby skates is more recent. IMO the Avenger is primarily a market driven design targeted specifically for derby.

I'm glad you added "IMO" in there 'Dillo

Sure-Grip actually say that the plate (Avenger) is aimed at "speed and derby" - so it isn't being marketed purely as a derby plate.

I'm still not set on what plate I'm going to get myself as I do speed and session on my skates and don't really want to switch between skates during an evening (yes... I, and many others I know, speed skate on "ridiculous-looking" hard shell inline hockey boots - both converted to quads and not!) when I get my new boots.

Sure-Grip PDF on the Avenger.
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