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Default No!

Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
You guys just got done telling me it is the skater that wins the races not the skate gear. So, I guess my infatuation with Sliders (and yours with Boens) doesn't really matter all that much anyway. Its the skater skills, training, and race savvy the really makes the most difference, right?

So I will stick to my lighter-than-Boen weight plastic plate skates for now, at least until I can test some Boens without actually having to buy them.

I was saying a skater is not going to perform as well on a skate he/she is not comfortable with.

But having said that, I wonder how many World Title holders have used a Slider.

Go and try a set if you like. But geez, if you put your super duper cushion upgrade on them I will cry.
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