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Originally Posted by SwisherTONE View Post
'Dillo! My friend that's not correct. You are very wise (I will admit), but that is not a correct response: You can't compare what a Pole Vaulter needs to what a Speed skater needs. They need two very different power transfers. And YES, 'stiffer' ALWAYS transfers power better than 'less stiff' (or flexible)...ALWAYS. It's pure natural physics. it's science 101. A stiff alloy speed plate will always transfer power better than something flexible, like even the best Nylon 66 plates.
Always is a strong word. I wasn't suggesting the analogy translated 100% over to skating, rather that ignoring the WAY that power is getting transferred and just assuming stiffer always works best is inaccurate.
The flex & recoil effect of the pole vaulters fiberglass pole clearly allows him to transfer more of his horizontal energy into vertically lifting his body mass. There are many similar situations where this is true.

The elasticity of muscles and tendons allows running animals to deliver more power with their effort and reach higher speeds, because flexing allows energy to be recycled better than stiff does

What elevates a springboard diver higher? -- bouncing on a stiff diving board or a flexible one.

Old people use golf clubs that flex more, because the flex helps the their slower swings still deliver more energy to the ball than a stiff club does.

So, in these cases at least, your hypothesis is proven wrong.

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