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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Armadillo said:
... "What I skating I do take seriously is speed skating, and for me The semi-DA15 Laser Slider setup is what I prefer. At some point I will spend some more time rolling on a DA45 setup, but I do not expect to be that surprised or thrilled by anything they do performance wise for which I am not already familiar."

No point even taking the PIC when your pivot pin tweaks can only shift things around by such small amounts measured in the .001" unit. This tiny degree of truck shifting cannot produce major effects on altering the turning response of plates. To alter setups enough to produce major effects on plate turning response, you can visibly see and measure the resulting truck swing angle changes.

It is great that you are a sufficiently perceptive and skilled enough skater to be able to register the effects of these fine tuning tweaks, but they do not qualify as major turn response makeovers.

same pics I always post, Gluemeister. The pins arn't giving as they are Glued in place.... I did try something you use. Glue. I can bend a kingpin as good as you can.... So try again.
Take out your upper cushions and put in 1 cushion of your choice, D/A only sized, fill the rest of the space with nylon washers. Minus about .015 of total cushion height, then tell me you haven't made a change that is significant, depleting some of your "kickback"......
So you can stand back three feet away and see .015 difference with the naked eye?
The measurement is the shim thickness added or removed, measurable. One revolution on the adjustment nut moves the truck more than.001....

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