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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
As long as you make absolute statements about things that you haven't thoroughly proven up on, I am personally going to call you hand on it. You may back up your claims on non D/A45 stuff if you like, whatever.... But you have not backed up D/A45 claims thoroughly enough to be an authority on the subject, your claims above reflect this. I am sure I am not the only person here that sees the discrepancies in your claims. Talk about what you know, not an opinion based on ideas only. I will call you on it every time this comes up , you can count on it. Certain staements you keep making , nullify the knowledge you claim to possess
Hey, I will bow to Doc Sk8's assessment of this issue.
If he thinks that the turning response (ratio of plate lean to resulting truck swing), can be significantly changed one way or the other by suspension tuning, then I will retreat from my argument with you.

The geometry numbers do not add up for supporting what you suggest is possible, at least not the way I tally them up.

So far most of what I have seen coming from you on this topic are primarily just based on on your very subjective skating experiences as you make these DA45 suspension tweaks. Not suggesting they aren't valid reflections of your experience, just that they are too subjective.

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