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Originally Posted by cojaco61 View Post
it is about who is at the end of the line first.

And what is the most common question asked before and after a race?

What wheels are you using or did use.

Very rarely do people attribute peoples success to the plates they are running.

They attribute other peoples success to their fitness, strength, form and then to wheel selection.

People say, "wow that guy/gal is fit."

"he/she is a strong skater"

"gee, they have nice form/style"

""man those wheels roll"

So just get out there and skate guys.
Good points you raise here. However, were you to show up at a race rolling with a set of DA45 plates, and then proceed to have an obviously sub-par (for you) race result, I suspect your buddies would be more focused on the "what's up with his plates" question than anything else.

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