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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Hey, I will bow to Doc Sk8's assessment of this issue.
If he thinks that the turning response (ratio of plate lean to resulting truck swing), can be significantly changed one way or the other by suspension tuning, then I will retreat from my argument with you.

The geometry numbers do not add up for supporting what you suggest is possible, at least not the way I tally them up.

So far most of what I have seen coming from you on this topic are primarily just based on on your very subjective skating experiences as you make these DA45 suspension tweaks. Not suggesting they aren't valid reflections of your experience, just that they are too subjective.

Not once in this conversation did I say anything about pivot pin adjustment, only about pivot angle. You love the other plates...Cool, great! Just dont run down things without sufficient cause. That is all I ask. The changes I make are small steps toward a goal, each one specific. That is why when I test or set up my quads it may take several sessions to get to my goal. Not giant leaps leaving you wondering if you went too far or not. I always have my primary skates to use for comparison. Small i steps, takes longer but accurate in the end. And yes .015 can make a difference at the cushions, you just keep falling back to the other plates way of thinking, they are not to be tuned quite the same way.
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