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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
When I say the "turning response" of a plate, over and over and over in this thread, what do you think I mean? I have clearly explained it several times. My explanations repeatedly reference the plate's "lean angle," when I use the words "plate lean". What don't you grasp about the term "plate lean"? It is the number of degrees from vertical that the plate gets leaned, the exact same thing as your term "lean angle" means.
Anyone reading this thread can see you are starting to talk trash here.

The turn response profile of a plate is the ratio of how much "lean angle" (from vertical) it takes to produce a given amount of axle swing angle (away from neutral in the horizontal plane).

I don't need any clues from you to understand "lean angle" I have been posting explanations of this in relation to how and why the DA45 plates work the way they do, and produce the kind of performance they do, since well before you even joined the SLForum.

So before you get all condescending with me perhaps you might want to fire up the search tool and set the clock back a few years to get caught up to speed on what I laid out here well prior to your arrival.

You say turning response can't be changed, I say it can. Done it over and over again. I have the proof, you have an opinion and a lot of talk about what can and can't be done.

As far as how long I have been here, it is no indication of how much I know in comparison to how much you know. Figuring out issues with things is what I do for a living, every day. I saw a lot of your explanations that are not that old and must say that they lack the polish you put on them now. Besides SG D/A 45 we have been discussing has not been around all that long, about 2 years or so which is what I like to work with. You like to tinker with the other kingpin angle plates, fine, I like these just as much as you like yours.

So where do you want to go with all this? I mean if you aren't testing it and have no real need to as indicated in earlier posts, and stand by you assessments then how can you keep making negative erroneous statements about stuff you have not thoroughly tested? Seems like an impasse to me. However I see a test in the near future. If I am wrong, I'll admit it, if you are wrong I expect an appropriate amount of crow eating as well. Now I need a spare invader plate, anyone got a broken set?

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