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Originally Posted by cojaco61 View Post
it is about who is at the end of the line first.

And what is the most common question asked before and after a race?

What wheels are you using or did use.

Very rarely do people attribute peoples success to the plates they are running.

They attribute other peoples success to their fitness, strength, form and then to wheel selection.

People say, "wow that guy/gal is fit."

"he/she is a strong skater"

"gee, they have nice form/style"

""man those wheels roll"

So just get out there and skate guys.
Originally Posted by SwisherTONE View Post
I've never heard anyone witness a bad race performance and wonder about the plates the racer was using. lol
As someone who's been racing for years, I agree with both of these statements. As far as plates, it comes down to what the individual person prefers. I prefer the degree angle on the Advantage, which is just slightly different than a Proline. My Quad National Classic 2-man relay partner from last year, who also won Quad Classic Men, wore a 45 degree laser plate last year. He's sponsered by Simmons, and Dave Simmons made him a quad boot (you may have seen pictures of them here or on the net, they're pink quad boots) and he's now gone back to a proline plate. It is what works for the individual. And by the time you get to a competitive race, you'll know what works for you in terms of plates. As cojaco said, when someone wins a race, the more frequently question is "what wheel are you using?"
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