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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Off of the Nexium. I'm going to need to renew the prescription. Last time I was in to see the Doc, I felt so well I was seeing about dropping the prescript. But symptoms have returned.

Seems the best thing I can do it is eat less. Much less. I'm not generally a glut or anything, but I have to control the portions. The weight loss helps the ulcer as well as not digesting as much at once.

Still I can feel it in there. Still working on it.

I was for the fist time low on iron when I gave blood. They had to do two checks to get me in, then just barely. Dangerous self-diagnosis (WebMd): The ulcer is leaking the iron. But it takes time to rebuild the iron even after the ulcer is gone. Luckily, I love liver; beef or chicken. And chicken livers are extremly cheap.
Ate some liver got some iron supliments. Symptoms got worse but is getting better now. Strength is very good though. With the 5 lbs weight loss I am able to Shoot the Duck again. Is that 15 to 20 lbs off of my knees ( never knew how they figured that)?
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