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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Yes, all that. Red Wine, even half a glass, killer. I originally did it for heart smart. But can't tolerate it.

I always wear arch supoorts now. As a kid I hated shoes, couldn't wait to go al summer without. Now it's lace tight and put in your arch support. Unless I have my sketchers on. My skates seem to have good suport though.
I can do all that food if I'm on schedule with my Prilosec, but if I'm a day off it'll hit me hard. Red wine will do it a bit, as will most alcohols, but if I'm on schedule (or take one before, just in case) I'm usually fine.

Arch wise, I'm the opposite. I can't stand walking without shoes for any length of time. Did it a while ago and my arches were all sore for the next couple days.
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