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I fit in this I had a major meniscus repair left knee 14 years ago. After surgery I had no weight, and leg lock in a brace for 3 months. I use to race BMX bikes, and had a bad wreck when I was 14. Later in life it caught up with me. Lol. Nothing else to do, but knee replacement now. All kinds of knee pain every day. Right knee I had some meniscus removed. It isn't as bad as the left, but still has pain. That was 7 years ago. I had major back surgery 1999. They went through my stomach and inserted titanium screws "cages" where my disc is. L5S1. So I'm fused there. So there is always back pain I have learned to live with it, and usually over do it, and pay for it. Heart is in great shape, as I workout out everyday. Weights, ride a bike, jump rope, crunches, skate slide, and now quad skating. My blood pressure was 103/70 last time at the doc. Resting HR is in the low 60's. I have some arthritics in my hands, texting on the phone they start to ache. I have to text/email a lot with work.
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