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Default blisters/calluses

I've been skating in riedell skates for over a year, they are R3s, regardless, I have had a blister on the insides of both feet in identical locations. What started off as blisters, eventually became very thick callouses, then more blisters would form beneath the callous. This has been painful, but I skate through it. I skate about 4 times a week for a distance of 6-10 miles with 3 uphill bridges. I think the amount of pressure required as I push up the bridges is why the blisters continue. I have tried a bunch of remedies. I have drained the blisters under the callous, it always returns. I have cut the callous off completely after soaking my feet. The blisters always return. I have used Bunga bunion cushions these really do help but my toes go numb when skating with these on. I bought Gel inserts but still get blisters. I don't believe the skates are a bad fit, I think its the way I push off. Any suggestions?
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