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Originally Posted by Tumblena109 View Post
I've been skating in riedell skates for over a year, they are R3s, regardless, I have had a blister on the insides of both feet in identical locations. What started off as blisters, eventually became very thick callouses, then more blisters would form beneath the callous. This has been painful, but I skate through it. I skate about 4 times a week for a distance of 6-10 miles with 3 uphill bridges. I think the amount of pressure required as I push up the bridges is why the blisters continue. I have tried a bunch of remedies. I have drained the blisters under the callous, it always returns. I have cut the callous off completely after soaking my feet. The blisters always return. I have used Bunga bunion cushions these really do help but my toes go numb when skating with these on. I bought Gel inserts but still get blisters. I don't believe the skates are a bad fit, I think its the way I push off. Any suggestions?
Yes: Bont boots. Why? Bonts have a narrow hard sole, that leads to a semi-hard section that leads to glove soft leather sides/uppers. They COMPLETELY envelope and cradle your entire foot. And they are heat moldable. It is nearly impossible to get a blister with a skate boot that fits like a second skin. A Bont Quad Racer Leather runs $300. Expensive for ya? Keep abusing your feet and you will be setting your feet up for more pain down the line and bunions or possibly bone spurs.

Shorter term, I would not blame your stride. But maybe your trucks. Are you on hard, original, cushions?? A quick fix would be to change to SG urethane (gummy) cushions. That might alleviate some pressure. But sounds like your skating environment is tough. The Bonts will likely be the best solution.

Stomache bloating: Yep, been there. Started 4 or 5 years back. Oatmeal for breakfast was good. A good easy going way to start your stomaches' day. Stay away from junk, spicy, or TOO MUCH of anything. A fruit day once a week is helpful as well. Eat only fruit or raw veggies for a day.

I tried probiotics. I seem to recall some good results, but can't remember exactly.... Kind of funny. But probiotics have been HUGELY overshadowed by...

L-Arginine. My new supplement of choice. HUGE impact on my life. I have been arthritic for over 10 years. I have been on blood thinners 16 years. I can't do what I used to do in my 30's. When joints were achey, take a bunch of Ibuprofen. I can't take ANY anti-inflammatory drug. But Arginine, an amino acid is an anti-inflammatory. I feel no joint pain, and can now lift, skate and bike moderately with NO ill effects. It has been YEARS since I could say that. Probably since my late 30's, early 40's. (I am 54 now) Arginine makes EVERYTHING work and recover better for a couple of reasons. 1, it is a vasodilator. Widens blood vessels. Your organs, muscles, and brain immediately get better blood flow. AND, since blood flow is better, OXYGEN flow is better. You feel more energetic, and your blood pressure will go down. It is kind of like caffeine, but longer lasting, and caffeine, while it helps your body USE oxygen better, I don't exactly know how, actually has a down side of CONSTRICTING blood vessels. I have dumped major amounts of caffeine completely. I drink decaf coffee only, no colas or other major caffeine sources.

Arginine gets turned into Nitric Oxide, a gas, in the body, and is the body's signaling mechanism. Wider blood vessels, more oxygen, improved signaling. This stuff is like a human tune up in a pill. Prolonged use can actually CLEAN your arteries, ahem, like your coronary arteries, and all other blood vessels as well. The down side. A bit of tummuy upset, loose stools, diarrhea once in a while. It was a bit bad at first, then diminished. Still get it a little now and then, but a small price to pay for the benefits.

My joint inflammation is now pretty much nonexistent. I forgot to take my pills all day one skate day. I did not realize until I was at the rink. I was miserable. No energy, and ALL my bad joints said hello as I started skating. So, proof by omission. I am good on the Arginine, and bad off of it.
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