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Originally Posted by Knezz View Post

Browsing the Buying & Selling section I noticed that quite a few sellers delete the asking price once the mark the item sold. Some actually delete all of the item information replacing it with "Sold".

Why is this done? Are there rules that I didn't read?

I think leaving the information is helpful to future buyers and sellers. In quite a few the pictures are still there. Just the price is removed.

Just curious?

**** Never Mind. I found this. I don't agree but....
It's a looooong story. Goes back 3 to 4 years or even longer. I asked the same question when I got here 6 years ago. The discussion went on for several years before the Admins took action. Anyway, the Admins put in place where a thread in that section will automatically delete itself after a certain period of time to help them keep a tidy board, help the sellers so that they would not have to alter or monitor a thread once the item has been sold and help the potential buyers so that they would not keep asking if something was still available, etc.

The only reasons people still do it today is they may not know that this feature exists or they have been around for so long and they've always deleted content once they sell an item and they probably always will do it.
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