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Originally Posted by Jim View Post
I've been using Triple 8 Coverts for the last year and a half.

20 bucks at IW
Conforms to knees
Comfortable and non-restrictive, I don't even know that they're there.
Elastic hasn't stretched at all.

Minimal protection. There is no hard plastic cap, only foam.

Even though I have yet to take my first fall with these pads, I believe that they would not slip off during a fall and would keep my skin from coming off. I also believe that I better not do a hard vertical drop on those pads because knee cap cracking prevention would be minimal.

So in light of all that, I really do think they would be the perfect choice for all those speedskaters who aren't wearing any knee pads at all.
Unless your idea is to hit the pads and immediately roll, I don't think these will work for speed. The plastic cap is what gives a knee pad a low friction sliding surface needed to skid to stop without transmitting forward momentum to the knee. Without it the pad will dig in and probably slide off no matter how tightly strapped on. Either that or the straps themselves dig in and cut the skin.

Capless knee pads are meant for aggressive skating where thye are worn underneath baggy jeans. The cap wouldn't work anyway because it would not be in direct contact with the ground.
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