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I have been making boots now for a few years. Custom boot makers know what they are doing and usually start out making boots for elite skaters. The problem is no two casts of the same foot are same. Swelling, weight loss, technique changes, frame elignment etc can have a big impact when getting your first customs. The foot and boot needs to be broken into at the same time. Some skaters feel pain in feet more than others. Some skaters are mentally super sensitive to changes. Concentrating on the boot differences effecting the skating and they don’t relax.
There are many different ways to construct a boot but most manufacturers are going the safe way building a comfortable boot for first up fitment but few like Simmons do a performance boot that has pressure. Overall most manufacturers try to get efficient in production and don’t do enough analysis of the customers needs which takes more time before and after construction especially for those special needs people.

With regards to comments on “pitch” and leg “alignment” they are rather lacking in understanding.
Pitch is determined by the frame not the boot maker. You can help pitch by wedging the toes while casting so that when the frame raises the heel your toes are pointing forward not in a flat foot cast. You do not raise the heel on a custom boot these are not work boots or school shoes, the frame has an 11mm pitch so you are leaning forward which helps your pelvis to rotate and knees can rest over toes.
Leg alignment. Well you have to start somewhere...having your knees and foot parallel is the only sensible thing to do for all skaters. Bow legged or not the foot usually compensates for the disorder and with skaters you capture all defects in a weighted casting while aligned in a position your centre of gravity pushes thru, otherwise trying to creat a cast twisted is just guessing and usually creates more issues.
Knees should be over toes, please feel free to post any real speed skaters that at the end of their push has “knees not over toes” . All speed skaters should remain in the skating position..low.. whilst pushing, otherwise get a recreation Skate. This is the main problem for custom performance boots hurting because skaters can’t hold form thruout the push.
Also remember you should be pushing through the bottom of your Skate over the frame not at the top or sides where inexperience skaters wrestle with boot.
Hence why most boots are getting lower.
Finally, I personally feel the clam shell or two piece cast is the best . Any deformation in the removal of feet is a risk but a lot of boot makers know their risks well. Also I would never make a boot if I didn’t cast the feet.

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